What to Expect

What to Expect


We’d love to have you join us as we worship our God together! Here you’ll find some helpful info for your visit.


When you arrive, feel free to pull into the portico at the main entrance to drop off any passengers. Parking is available in the main parking area next to the church building.


Entry to the church foyer is through the main double doors under the portico. Once in the door, restrooms are to the left and the main sanctuary to the right.

Sunday School

The adult Sunday School class meets in the main sanctuary. The class instructor will indicate the exact location. Class time is used for lecturing, questions and answers, and general discussion about the study topic. Class attendees are encouraged to bring their Bibles and to participate as desire and opportunity allow.

Sunday Worship

Our worship style is informal yet orderly. An uplifted hand,  spoken “Amen!,” or similar response is very much appropriate at various times during the service. A brief public testimony to God’s recent work in the life of an individual is also in order.  Some moments call for reverent quietness as we contemplate the truth of a song or sermon and its life application. Whatever the form of expression, we seek to worship and praise our God while also edifying His children, our Christian brothers and sisters, who are present.

The worship service begins in the main sanctuary with our pastor’s call to prayer. The song leader then leads the congregation in several songs and/or choruses. Songbooks and chorus books are available in the back of the pew in front of you. Everyone is invited to sing as we worship our Heavenly Father. Congregational prayer is led by our pastor or delegated prayer leader. Everyone is encouraged to kneel or bow reverently during this time of talking with God.

During the offering reception, regular attendees support the work of the church by the means through which God has blessed them. Visitors are not expected to contribute and may simply pass the offering plate along to the next person.

One or more preselected singers will bring special music, usually in song but sometimes with a musical instrument. This musical offering provides an opportunity for meditative worship as we prepare our hearts and minds for the pastor or special speaker’s message.

In the sermon the pastor or special speaker reads one or more passages of Scripture, unpacks its theology, and applies it to everyday living. Listeners are encouraged to follow along in their Bibles as the speaker exhorts us to become more like Jesus in our thoughts, attitudes, and actions. Bibles are available in the back of the pew in front of you.

After the sermon, a meet and greet time is encouraged in the church foyer just outside the main sanctuary. Visitors are invited to sign the church guest book located on the table there.

If you have questions about our church services or beliefs, feel free to ask our pastor or an usher. Also helpful may be our What We Believe page.